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An image of Leslie Hillin

Leslie Hillin

An image of Holli Jones

Holli Jones

An image of Haley Raggio

Haley Raggio

An image of Beth Cole

Beth Cole

Literacy Coach
An image of Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown

Computer Literacy, Yearbook Advisor
An image of Kimberly Burgess

Kimberly Burgess

6th grade ELA
An image of Terri Chambers

Terri Chambers

6th grade Math
An image of Denise Baughman

Denise Baughman

6th grade Science
An image of Nicole Crawford

Nicole Crawford

7th grade Science, FCA Sponsor
An image of Cassie Butler

Cassie Butler

7th grade ELA/6th grade Science
An image of Aaron Ardoin

Aaron Ardoin

6th grade ELA/8th grade ELA
An image of LaDonna Jarden

LaDonna Jarden

ELA Teacher
An image of Hailey Guichet

Hailey Guichet

6th grade Math, Math Counts Sponsor
An image of Danielle Hanchey

Danielle Hanchey

8th grade Algebra, Danceline
An image of Glender Henry

Glender Henry

Math Teacher
An image of Mike Iles

Mike Iles

8th grade Social Studies, Student Council Sponsor
An image of Lanie Laughlin

Lanie Laughlin

An image of Tim Lee

Tim Lee

7th grade Social Studies, Boys' Basketball
An image of Sue Leidig

Sue Leidig

ELA Teacher
An image of Megan Marshall

Megan Marshall

7th grade ELA
An image of Evan McAleer

Evan McAleer

Band Director
An image of Kirby McBride

Kirby McBride

7th grade Math, Girls' Softball
An image of Leah Myers

Leah Myers

Librarian, 6th grade Social Studies
An image of Angela Nicholas

Angela Nicholas

7th grade Math, 8th grade Algebra, Peer Leaders Sponsor
An image of Ginger Parker

Ginger Parker

Girls' PE, Athletic Director
An image of Corinne O'Neill Perez

Corinne O'Neill Perez

8th grade Math Essentials
An image of Rebecca Romero

Rebecca Romero

Reading Interventionist
An image of John Schwarze

John Schwarze

An image of Rose Ruello

Rose Ruello

Art, Art Club Sponsor
An image of Sheila Scott

Sheila Scott

8th grade ELA, 8th grade Quest
An image of Cody Smith

Cody Smith

6th/7th grade ELA, Boys' PE, Boys' Basketball
An image of Ryan Stark

Ryan Stark

Boys' PE, Football
An image of Deborah Townsley

Deborah Townsley

Girls' PE
An image of Laurie Will

Laurie Will

Teacher/SpEd Facilitator
An image of Krystal Wiltz

Krystal Wiltz

7th grade Math, Beta Club Sponsor
An image of Ravenn Worthen

Ravenn Worthen

6th grade ELA, Girls' Basketball, Girls' PE
An image of Paula Tague

Paula Tague

6th/7th grade Social Studies