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Practice Tools for Everyone

Apps for All

Free Metronome App
Frozen Ape is a great free metronome app. Download now!

Free Tuner App
Everyone needs a tuner! If you don't have one this is a free chromatic tuner. Bandmate is the best free tuner. Get it now!

Tonal Energy App
Get the ultimate all-in-one tuner and metronome! This is the one Mr. McAleer uses daily. Costs $4 or so. Get permission and get it if you can.

The app that let's you record your self playing all the parts of a duet, trio, quartet, etc OR you can collaborate with friends! Completely fun to play with! You get 30 second clips for free OR pay a monthly fee to do longer clips. It's a worthwhile investment, especially if you like to play and you are creative! Give it a try and send us your clip! Click above or here.

Links for Motivation

All Star Instrumentalist Interviews​
Great information about your instrument and how the players got to where they are now.

Tutorial Links For All

Instrument Lessons by the US Marine Band
Woodwind/Brass/Percussion Lessons/Tutorials
Scroll down to find your instrument.
Great examples of tone and technique!

Music Theory Help!

Here are a couple fun websites that have links to several music theory games and lessons. Try them out!

 ​Music Theory Lessons and GAMES!

Music Theory Games

Guide to Music Notes

 Piano Guide AND Music Theory Basics 
Musical Term Glossary (Thanks to the kind young person who found this link to help others learn)
This is a direct link to SRF.
Go to login and type:
Password: Dragons!2
 here is a video that will help.