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Practice Tools for Everyone

Apps for All

Free Metronome App
Frozen Ape is a great free metronome app. Download now!

Free Tuner App
Everyone needs a tuner! If you don't have one this is a free chromatic tuner. Bandmate is the best free tuner. Get it now!

Tonal Energy App
Get the ultimate all-in-one tuner and metronome! This is the one Mr. McAleer uses daily. Costs $4 or so. Get permission and get it if you can.

The app that let's you record your self playing all the parts of a duet, trio, quartet, etc OR you can collaborate with friends! Completely fun to play with! You get 30 second clips for free OR pay a monthly fee to do longer clips. It's a worthwhile investment, especially if you like to play and you are creative! Give it a try and send us your clip! Click above or here.

Links for Motivation

All Star Instrumentalist Interviews​
Great information about your instrument and how the players got to where they are now.

Tutorial Links For All

Instrument Lessons by the US Marine Band
Woodwind/Brass/Percussion Lessons/Tutorials
Scroll down to find your instrument.
Great examples of tone and technique!

Music Theory Help!

Here are a couple fun websites that have links to several music theory games and lessons. Try them out!

 ​Music Theory Lessons and GAMES!

Music Theory Games

Guide to Music Notes

 Piano Guide AND Music Theory Basics
This is a direct link to SRF.
Go to login and type:
Password: Dragons!2
 here is a video that will help.